How to apply

Application process

STEP 1: Fill out the Online Membership form  HERE

STEP 2: Download and print the Membership Card HERE

  • Print the card
  • Fill out your info
  • Sign at the bottom

STEP 3: Mail us the following:

  1. an updated resume
  2. your Membership Card
  3. a cheque for the $5 membership fee
  4. any training and safety courses that you have completed
  5. any relevant documents (eg. Certificate of Apprenticeship or Certificate of Qualification)

Mailing address:

42 Bren-Maur Road
Ottawa, ON 
K2J 3Z7

FAX No: 1-613-823-7372
IMPORTANT!  If you fax us some of your information, remember to mail the cheque as well – we need the $5 membership fee to make your application official!

Inquiries? Call:

613 823-2124;  or toll-free: 1 888 565-0544


To make your membership official we need to receive:

  1. a completed Membership Card
  2. your $5 Membership fee
  3. your Resume
  4. relevant documents, eg. Certificate of Apprenticeship, Welder’s certificate, special driver’s license, etc. or other courses that you may have completed
  5. An email address and phone number so we can contact you