Getting a work referral

After you become a Member, there are a number of steps:

Peer review

  1. Qualified ASWA Members review your resume and other documents.
  2. Then we schedule an interview with ASWA President, Errol Eashappie
  3. If it all looks good, we add you to our Dispatch System

Work Request

An Employer submits a "Work Request" to ASWA. Then we look for Members in our database that match the Employer's request  (ASWA has agreements with Employers in Saskatchewan and Alberta. In addition, our partner, the Canadian Union of Skilled Workers, has relationships with Employers across Canada.)

Work Referral Notice

If you are a match, you will be given a "Work Referral Notice" (that includes the location of the work, the rate of pay and the name of the Employer)

The next step is up to you!

  • Employers usually need someone right away, so it’s important that you report for work as requested.
  • Employers will provide additional training at the job site – this may include an introductory course about their company, health and safety training, etc.
  • Most Employers also require you to complete a Drug and Alcohol test at this point
  • Spend a couple of hours researching your future employer. This added information will provide you with some extra confidence before you show up on the job.

Keep your qualifications up to date

  • Let us know when you have new training courses, etc, so that we can add them to your profile.
  • A great resource to help you track your progress is, .... read more in our Resources section

Other things to note: 

  • When you are referred to work through ASWA, the Employer will remit 2% of your gross pay, back to ASWA on your behalf. (ASWA is a not-for-profit Association and we support ourselves through our association fees.) Your fees are tax deductible so you will receive a tax receipt from ASWA for the full amount, at the end of the year.
  • A great thing to remember is that, when you finish working with one Employer, your name goes back into the ASWA database, and you can be matched up with another Employer request.