We all love stories. Stories can entertain us, inform us and inspire us. In this section are some hard-working stories that do all of those things.

"First Nations, Métis and Inuit people are known as storytellers. Traditionally, in place of written language, customs and culture were shared by storytelling, and passed down in this same manner over many generations. This soul of every native culture has always found its surest expression in stories." from 


The Mohawks that Built Manhatten

Mohawks have been ironworkers for six generations. It was way back in 1886, when the First Nations workers stepped into the trade. That's when the Canadian Pacific Railroad sought to construct a cantilever bridge across the St. Lawrence River, landing on the Kahn­awake Reservation near Montreal. ... READ MORE

Architectural History: Early First Nations

The people of Canada's First Nations developed rich building traditions thousands of years before the arrival of the first Europeans. The wigwam, tipi and snow house were highly evolved building-forms perfectly suited to their environments and to the requirements of mobile hunting and gathering cultures. ... READ MORE



Jody Laurin

The day Jody drove to Midland, Ontario, to meet with the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) changed his life forever. "Not just changed my life but provided me with a career that I thought would only happen in my dreams. The MNO had teamed up with Georgian College in Midland to provide the 'Employment in Energy Program', a specialized course for 25 lucky Aboriginal students.  ... READ MORE

Jordan Wright

As a kid, Jordan Wright saw for himself the power of machines. Working alongside his father on a local farm, riding plows and tractors was second nature. Now this 19-year-old Ohsweken, Ontario native is s turning his childhood memories into valuable experience for a career as an heavy equipment operator. ... READ MORE

Nolenn Martin

Evil Knievel and daredevils of the like have nothing on Nolenn Martin, a 29-year-old powerline technician and member of CUSW. Nolenn spends much of his time up on wood poles or steel towers constructing and maintaining hydro lines to maintain the flow of electricity from hydro generators to consumers homes. ... READ MORE

Jennelle Jacobs

Stereotypes in the workplace are being broken everyday with women assuming more and more powerful roles, showing they've got what it takes to work alongside men. This is becoming most evident in the trades with women like Jenelle Jacobs of Six Nations pulling her own weight as an ironworker. ... READ MORE

Travis Fraser

"I guess it just came natural to me, the welding," says 27-year-old Travis Fraser from Six Nations of the Grand River territory. "It's something that's interested me for a while. I messed around with a welder in the backyard with the demo vehicles, putting them together and stuff like that, just tinkering around." ... READ MORE

Lee Hill

An accident and chance led to 32-year-old Lee Hill of Six Nations, embarking on a career as a sheet metal worker. Hill started out his trades career in ironwork, working alongside his dad but eventually felt the tug to strike out on his own. "I figured I had to get out and see the rest of Canada," he says. ... READ MORE