Our CUSW Partnership

The Saskatchewan Unit of the Canadian Union of Skilled Workers (CUSW) strives to represent and enable employment opportunities for all skilled workers in Saskatchewan and help employers to develop their businesses and opportunities for work across a variety of industries.

The Sasktachewan Unit works closely with the Aboriginal Skilled Workers Association. Together, we strive to create, develop and promote a united group of highly skilled, fairly compensated and respected Aboriginal workers, supporting their families in healthy communities across Canada.

The Canadian Union of Skilled Workers was formed on the basic belief that the members are the union.

Accordingly CUSW is run by its members. Meeting the needs of the members is CUSW's first priority.


CUSW was founded on these fundamental principals, values and beliefs:

    •    Honesty
    •    Integrity
    •    Fairness
    •    Equality
    •    Common sense
    •    Respectful treatment
    •    Democratic processes
    •    Consideration of family
    •    Stakeholder involvement
    •    Decisions promoting workers
    •    Decisions benefiting members