Our Partners


The Saskatchewan Unit of the Canadian Union of Skilled Workers (CUSW) strives to represent and enable employment opportunities for all skilled workers in Saskatchewan and help employers to develop their businesses and opportunities for work across a variety of industries.

The Sasktachewan Unit works closely with the Aboriginal Skilled Workers Association. Together, we strive to create, develop and promote a united group of highly skilled, fairly compensated and respected Aboriginal workers, supporting their families in healthy communities across Canada.

The Canadian Union of Skilled Workers was formed on the basic belief that the members are the union. Accordingly CUSW is run by its members. Meeting the needs of the members is CUSW's first priority.

Ridgeline Canada

Working in the environmental sector since 1999, Ridgeline Canada Inc (Ridgeline) prides itself with providing practical environmental strategies and economically viable waste management solutions.

We acknowledge that operating within the traditional territories is a privilege. Ridgeline believes in the importance of engaging and supporting indigenous communities throughout Canada.

Ridgeline's goal is to develop an Indigenous “Talent Pool” that can partake in skill employment opportunities. We will provide the technical and hands-on skills necessary for those who want to start a career in the environmental services industry.  Individuals will gain valuable knowledge and work experience in the energy and resource industry which will result in long term socio-economic growth for themselves as well as for their communities.

Visit us at: www.ridgelinecanada.com

Total Energy Services

Total Energy Services and its subsidiaries have a long history of engagement with local and Indigenous communities in geographic areas where Total Energy operates.  This engagement includes a commitment to hiring locally where possible, including from Indigenous communities.  Total Energy believes such engagement not only provides benefits to Indigenous communities but also benefits Total Energy and its customers and other stakeholders in the energy industry.  

Indigenous communities benefit through training and employment opportunities for their citizens, direct and indirect economic benefits arising from local investment and industry activity and direct input into how the energy industry operates which in turn helps mitigate any negative impacts of resource development on their communities and the environment.

Total Energy’s customers benefit from the provision of safe and efficient service and equipment from an established and reputable provider as well as from increased awareness and acceptance of their undertakings by Indigenous and other communities impacted by their activities.

Total Energy benefits from the stability and commitment that arises when our employees and suppliers reside in the communities in which Total Energy and its customers operate.
Society benefits from increased employment for communities in need of such opportunity and increased focus on minimizing the impact of the energy industry on the natural environment.
As such, Total Energy is proud to partner with the Aboriginal Skilled Workers Association as we work together to provide meaningful employment opportunities for Indigenous persons in the Canadian energy industry.

For further information about Total Energy Services and its local and Indigenous engagement efforts, please visit www.totalenergy.ca/about-us.