On the Job Site


When you are referred to work through ASWA, you will receive a Work Referral Notice that will include important information like:

  • the name of the Employer
  • the work location
  • the hours of work
  • the rate of pay

Arrive on time!

Reporting to work at the time requested is really important. Employers are busy managing their projects and workload. When workers arrive late or not at all, it throws off schedules and makes people grumpy. Being reliable and punctual is what gets the job done.

Getting there

If reliable transportation is a problem on a given day, the responsible thing to do is let your supervisor know what’s going on, while you are figuring out a solution.

Doing a good job

You are a partner to your employer in their business, helping them and your crew to get through the day’s work. When ASWA Members do a good job, exercising a positive and helpful attitude, that leads to more work opportunities for all of our Members, including you.