Membership in ASWA

The Aboriginal Skilled Workers' Association is a Member driven and supported, not-for-profit organization.

As an Employer, you may choose to become a Class C Member of ASWA by completing the Membership form that can be found in our Apply to ASWA section.

There are four categories of Membership in ASWA:

  • Class A Membership - Journeypersons and Certified Workers
  • Class B Membership - Apprentices and Learners
  • Class C Membership - Contractors/Employers
  • Class D Membership - Supporters of ASWA

All classes of Members have the right to vote and participate in the affairs of the Aboriginal Skilled Workers' Association and must pay an annual membership fee of $5 per year to remain a "member in good standing", and all are invited to participate at the annual Convention of the Association in April of each year.

I would be pleased to meet with you to tell you more about our Association. Please contact me at [email protected].ca so we can arrange a time and date to meet.

Errol Eashappie
President, ASWA