Members get together at annual convention to help shape the vision and future of ASWA

Each year, during the month of April, the Members, Employers and Supporters of the Aboriginal Skilled Workers' Association come together to discuss issues of common interest.

The annual meeting is an important part of the democratic foundation on which ASWA is built. As in any self-governed organization, all Members have a "voice" and the convention is an ideal setting for expressing it! Members have the opportunity to:

  • Bring forward questions and issues for discussion
  • Review and potentially change the by-laws of our Association.
  • Nominate and elect peers through a voting process who choose to take the lead by participating as members of the Executive Board

Membership and Voting Process

Elections by the members at each annual convention are done by secret ballot. The Board Members consist of the officers of President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer, and Directors (to a maximum of twelve).  A majority of the members present at a Convention constitutes a quorum.

ASWA Bylaws

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